Samsung LE26R41BD LCD TV on/off problem




I have just purchased a Samsung LE26R41BD freeview television. When I come to turn it off (not standby) by pressing the on/off button on the front of the TV it goes into standby mode and the little red light on the on/off button lights up.
I cannot turn it off without disconnecting from the mains.

Is this a fault? or is it supposed to do this?
Does anyone else have this TV and can help me out?

Any help gratefully received.

Link to pdf manual download:


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Im not 100% on this as I dont own one, but I think they're meant to stay on standby 24/7!

Remember reading it on here! :)

So I dont think theres a problem with your set in particular. :thumbsup:


Anyone else have an opinion?
Particularly if you have this TV or a similar one.


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I have this set and it is exactly the same as yours, the only way to take it off standby is to disconnect the power source, otherwise it will stay on s/by, hope this helps..


Yes this does help a lot!
So this is the way the set is supposed to be and not a fault then?


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yeah, this is the way the set is meant to be. However you may want to unplug the set from the wall (if you want). But there is nothing wrong with your set so don't worry

Neil Davidson

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Just to back this up that this is definately thr intended behaviour on all of the recent Samsung LCDs.

Interesting to note that the R41/51 is rated at <1W power consumption on standby yet the T51 is rated at <2W.

This is very low and I personally do not switch the set off entirely unless I am going to be away for a week or more.


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