Samsung LE26R41B LCD picture problem


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Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I've tried searching the forums and haven't found anything similar after trawling through loads of returns.

I've just taken delivery of a new Samsung LE26R41B and have noticed a small glitch with the picture quality. I'll start with the basics, I'm using NTL anologue cable connected via the RF socket (the only output on my cable box). Whilst watching TV every so often for a fraction of a second the picture will turn mostly a shade of blue and some parts going to monochrome / black & white. Sitting next to my tv I have a speaker from my home cinema (rh front). My wife suggested moving it away in case it was having an effect similar to that on crt's (it never bothered my old crt though!). Since moving it, I haven't seen the problem. Could my wife have been correct? Could a speaker from a home cinema influence picture quality on an lcd? I've yet to sit and watch a dvd yet, so don't know if it happens then. Is this a case of the tv showing up the weak signal from NTL?

Any help or advice greatly received.

It still seems to be happening even though the speaker is nowhere near it now. I haven't seen it when watching through SCART, only through RF. Could it be a bad signal / connection causing it or does the set need to go back?

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