Samsung LE26R41 Picture Issue



Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody could help me work out whats wrong with my set.

Yesterday, I notcied a faint black vertical line about an inch or so from the right hand side of the screen which only runs in the middle portion of the screen. I'd never noticed it before yesterday and now its really starting to bug me. Has anybody seen this problem before? Its not just on a particular channel either, its across all of them. Its not really visible on dark sequences, only on the light or bright colours, could it be a row of stuck or dead pixels? It just seems abit odd really.

Thanks for any help people can give, regards



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A bit of a post ressurection here but I think I have the same thing. A vertical black line about an inch from the right hand side of the screen but mine runs the full height of the screen.

From this line I often get ghosting which is especially bad on news channels where there is a "ticker" running across the bottom of the screen. As the ticker passes the vertical line I get a white line move across the full height of the screen which gently fades after 2 or 3 inches. Do you get this? On other channels it's not so noticeable but the line is still there!

I called Samsung support and they sent a TV repair guy round. I wasn't in at the time my girlfriend was. All the guy did was set the SKY box to PAL. I set it back to RGB and called them again. This time they say they are going to replace the panel at the back (with all the ports on). Personally I think it's the screen but I will just keep bothering them until they get it right!

Let me know if you get yours sorted, and I'll post up when I finally get mine fixed!!

Cheers :thumbsup:

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