Samsung LE26M51B - worth the extra?


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I'm about to take my 6 month old Sonix back to Sainsbury's for a refund :rolleyes: and was thinking of replacing it with a Samsung LE26R41B. However, I have seen the above mentioned LCD available at Futurehome for £899.

The question is, does anyone think it's worth the extra? It seems to have a faster refresh rate and is presumably Samsung's latest panel, but has anyone seen one or even know of a review anywhere?

I'm quite tempted, because it feels like Sainsbury's are paying 500 quid towards it, if you know what I mean! ;)


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From what I can tell the new "M" series is not that much different from the current "R" series. I would question the better response rate. There doesn't seem to be a definite answer to the response rate of the "R" series, some saying it's 8ms other saying it's 12ms. Even Samsung's own web sites and customer service reps can't seem to give a conclusive answer. I would say it's not safe to assume that the new "M" series has a better response time and it may well be the same. It's your call whether it's worth spending an extra 300 quid or so on a model that is supposed to have a better response time but may not. All the specs are pretty much the same.


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I was thinking of getting the LE40M51B untill i saw that it is £2099 on futurehome, it has 8ms and the R has 12ms but you can get the R for £1600 on most sites so £500 for 4ms and a different casing is making me think of just going for the R.


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richard plumb said:
BTW, the 'B' 26 is £600 at empire direct...

Assuming one doesn't need the Freeview built in option. :)

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