Samsung LE26C450 vs LG 26LD350


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Hi folks, i'm after a 26inch lcdtv for a christmas present. The person will be using the tv to watch blu-ray dvds and play gaming consoles such as the nintendo wii and playstation 3. I'm really unsure about which tv to get, hopefully somebody can recommend me which one to choose, thanks


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Try the search box for feedback ^^^. Don't get many threads on 26s. Seen some positive mentions of the Samsung 26C4000 too


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A bit late now, but I bought an LE26C450 for the daughters playroom - list price was originally £100 over it's current £250 price tag.

WhatHi-Fi S&V gave it a decent review too.

Only played the Wii so far on it, but it seems a decent enough set - looks cosmetically the same as our LE40A656 in the lounge too...

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