Samsung LE23R71 aspect ratio switching


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Hi all,

I've had the LE23R71 for a couple of weeks - my first foray into LCD TVs, and it's a pleasure to watch. Apart from 1 niggle... I can't get it to automatically switch aspect ratios - 4:3 to 16:9 and back again.

I've got the TV hooked up to Sky+ with a SCART connection and the picture is excellent after a bit of fiddling with the TV settings. Sky picture settings set to 16:9, SCART control ON etc; the TV picture size setting 'Auto Wide' seems to do exactly the same as the '16:9' setting, i.e. fill the screen regardless of the picture size. The 4:3 setting doesn't do it either, which is a solution I've seen for the R74 series TVs in another thread.

I've searched long and hard for way of getting the picture to change AR automatically. Samsung customer service tells me that all I can do is manually change the picture aspect ratio, but they did admit that they didn't really know.

Can anyone with this TV please tell me if theirs does change AR automatically (i.e. mine's a dud), or am I stuck constantly pressing buttons on the remote while channel hopping?? Its seems a backward step for a new(ish) TV model not to be able to do this - my old CRT Toshiba widescreen does it no problem...

Am I the only one who can't stand watching TV in the wrong aspect ratio setting...??



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