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Hello all. I've just bought a Samsung le19r86wdx and thought I'd offer my thoughts and views to anyone out there looking to buy one or something similar.

Motivation for purchase: Main telly is a Samsung 32" LCD with integrated Freeview (very happy with that), wanted something small and good looking, wanted to be able to watch programmes in true 16:9, not 16:10 (stretched and distorted).

General: 19 inch screen, 1440x900 pixels, integrated Freeview, white frame.

Aesthetically: Looks are a personal thing, but to me, it looks great and there is an efficient use of space. The whole telly is just 6 cm deep and there is an excellent ratio of viewing screen to whole TV frontal area (i.e. not much frame, so small size).

Sound: Rubbish! Really, really rubbish! You can hear everything clearly (so that's good) but there is absolutely no depth. Take your home cinema system and play a CD without the sub-woofer switched on; this will still be better than the sound from this telly. That said, it's a second TV for me and other things (e.g. space) were more important, so I'm not too bothered by the lack of audio quality.

Picture: On the whole, this is good. It's bright and copes well with movement. It struggles for contrast on low light pictures, e.g. some of the darker scenes in Indiana Jones (part 3) last night. It also appeared to struggle to cope with the clouds and the sky on some accasions when the movement was rapid (e.g. the tank and horse scenes in the same film).

Freeview: On the main channels it's fine. It is struggling and failing on a few others though, e.g. Film 4, E4, ITV2, shopping, ... I'm surprised by this on two fronts, (1) a 4 year old digi-box at the same aerial point has no problem and (2) my 32 inch Samsung downstairs has no problem.

Design flaws: Space being an issue, I wanted a thin telly. I also bought a slim-line wall mount. I then had to dig deep holes in the wall to accommodate the aerial lead and the power cable which stick out further from the back of the telly than the depth of my wall mount. If I connect other equipment to it, I'll have to dig some more holes. This doesn't bother me too much as, when I get time, I plan to hide all the cables in the wall anyway.

That's about it - coffee break over. If anyone has any questions about this set (or it's black sibling, the bdx), I'll be happy to help.

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