Samsung LE19D450 scart overscan


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One of those Service Menu questions I'm afraid ;-)

Is it possible to adjust the overscan on the SCART input of a Samsung LE19D450G1W 19" LCD TV? I can get into the Service Menu with INFO > MENU > MUTE > POWER but see nothing related to overscan or picture width. The Expert menu option is greyed out and the Advanced option, though not greyed, seems to do nothing. Any idea how to get into the Advanced option and would it be of any help?

I would dearly love to get this to work. If it's hopeless, can anyone suggest a cheap(ish) small LCD TV that DOES provide overscan adjustement on the SCART input? I don't really care about any other functionality. The TV is used exclusively as a monitor for some 1980s vintage electronics.



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No luck with this then ...

Has anyone found a SCART overscan adjustment on any modern(ish) LCD TV? I'm happy to invest in another brand if I can't get the results I need from a Samsung.


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Have you tried a SCART -> HDMI converter? Can normally then set the TV to "just scan" or "screen fit" using the normal user aspect ratio button...
SCART to HDMI 1.3 HD Scaler | VGA/TV Converters | Sharing, Converting, Extending | LINDY UK is one option, as is Scart to HDMI Converter with 1080p Upscaler: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics and there are plenty of others... Note not all TVs seem to offer 1:1 if the scaler isn't sending 1080i/p down the HDMI cable, so pick one that can do that.
Regards, Iain.

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