Samsung LE range - Service Menu and Shop Mode


I installed my LE40 last night and put my Xbox on to play the latest episode of Blade - The Series. Just as I was about to start the video, SHOP MODE popped up on the screen for no reason.

I just tried to get into the service menu a few minutes ago using the method described on this forum:

POWER to turn the set off, then:

INFO - MENU - MUTE - POWER in that order.

All that happens is the set turns on to a black screen turns off again, and turns on again to AV1 (my cable box, which is turned off).

Is it strange that shop mode should have been enabled on a brand new, boxed set and is it this that is stopping me entering the service menu? as anyone else had this happen before, and can shop mode be turned off any other way?

As I understand it, shop mode is a feature that retailers can use for display models to demo special features, lock front/side panel controls to prevent customers mucking about with them etc. Is this right?


It has done this 3 times today, screen has gone blank but audio still there, a second or two later the picture comes back on with "shop mode" displayed and all telly settings are reset. And the instructions for getting into the engineers menu do not work on my set either.


I ran Samsung about this (hint: ring them on 01952 297664, never use the 0870 number unless someone else is paying the bill). I was told to hold the menu button in for 5 seconds on the side panel, this turns off shop mode.

Blink Bummer

:thumbsup: damn thanks a ton man, i thought my tv was playin up but it was just set to shop mode

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