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Hello I'm thinking of buying a Samsung LCD TV to be used for HD games and movies, and I usually stand close to the TV, about 1 to 1,8 meters I would say. Currently I own a Xbox 360, Wii for games and a laptop for movies.

Biggest differences in these TVs are that N87BDX is 1080p with 10000:1 contrast + rectangular design and R81BX is 720p with 8000:1 contrast with the curvy design.

However in a store here in my country the R81BX is 5€ more expensive. Could anyone explain this to me? Is it because of the design? But then, why is a TV with Full HD and 10000:1 contrast cheaper?

Also what do the B, D and X in the model name mean?

Thank you! :)


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Was expecting to someone who knows their stuff regarding LCD TVs or has/had experiences with any of these TVs to give me some tips on this forum...


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Ok I know what the BDX means now.

What would you recommend though?

N87BDX or R81BX for HDMI gaming with no overscan?

Is it better to have a 1920x1080 TV down-scaling to 720p or 1360x768 or a TV up-scaling 720p to 1360x768?

Does 1360x768 on 1080p TVs have 1:1 pixel mapping with 3-pixel column on the left and right?


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Most definitely go with the N87, its full HD, has a better panel and has extras such as 24hz which are not included with the R series Samsung.

The lower cost probably has more to do with a retailer offer than anything else. Your Xbox will upscale everything to 1080p and by enabling "just scan" you'll be able to get 1:1 pixel mapping.

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