Samsung LCD TV LE32B530P7W - No Picture After Service Menu Change


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Hi There,

I have recently made a change in my Service Menu in an attempt to try and use the USB port on the back of the TV. Since doing this I now I no picture, the TV comes on and makes the relevant melody when turning on and shows no picture, the sound is still fine but no picture its completley black.

Is there any way to revert my changes without being able to see the menu? I know there is a possibility that I may have screwed my tv up but any help would be much appreciated.

I thought of forcing firmware upgrade or something similar?

Any ideas greatly received.




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ive got the exact same problem other than mine wasnt anything to do with the usb, mines a le40r74bd and my screen will just go black at any time :/ but then i can get it bak on for several more hours
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