Samsung LCD and screen burn-in?


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Hey, forums.

So, I didn't even know LCD's could get burn-in, but something is up. I got a second hand (yeah, got shafted a bit) Samsung LE37S62B (37" HD-ready) and it looks like this:


The big splotch on the left and the rightmost smudge were there when I got it. The vertical stripe on the right came from watching The Wire (which is 4:3). It's worst on blue-gray and foggy backgrounds. Doesn't show up at all on pure white or R, G, or B. To top it off, I watched like 2 or 3 hockey games last week and it already burnt the channel logo in!


Anything to be done about that? I'm pretty sure that's not normal operation for a LCD. Also when looked at closely, the picture is wavy and kind of vibrates. Screw these modern quality electronics.


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LCD Panels can burn images when left for extreme lengths of time, but we're talking days of solid single picture. I think you've been well and truly shafted with this one. I work in a Richer Sounds store and if we do get queries on this issue it is generally older HD Ready screens such as the one in question, i would say its on it way out. If you pop it into a store, they can probably look into a repair for you, but the most likely outcome is that it will be B.E.R (Beyond economical repair) So probably best to go back to wherever or whoever you got it from and have a stern chat with them. And then bite the bullet and buy a new screen, because theres no real going back from burn.

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