Answered Samsung KS8000 and Onkyo TX-NR656 UHD HDMI Issue


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Hey all! I did some searching and couldn't find an answer to this problem. I recently purchased a Onkyo TX-NR656 to with my Samsung KS8000 TV. I primarily run a PS4 pro as the only signal, but I recently realized that I had it connected to a non-HDCP 2.2 HDMI port which was not allowing for HDR on the tv. I physically switched the HDMI cable going to one of the three ports on the back that support HDCP. I also enabled UHD color on the TV for the corresponding HDMI port, and this is where things got a bit screwy. The receiver will find the signal, however it will almost immediately cut out and go to a blank screen. For the moment that the receiver does have the signal showing on the TV, it does show that the 2k/4k support is enabled with HDR. I tried rearranging the the cables and trying different ports, but the same thing keeps happening. I also tried enabling and disabling HDMI CEC on both the receiver and TV but this does not seem to have any sort of impact on the situation. I do know that if I connect the PS4 Pro directly to the Samsung One Connect device for the tv, I can achieve 4k signal and HDR, but I would have to run the audio through an optical cable which I would like to avoid. Does anybody have any suggestions? I'm sorry if my post is not technical enough, as these are new items for me and I am new to having a receiver with all these bells and whistles.

Thank you!


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Hello again! I answered my own questions so I might as well post it here in case others have a similar issue. The problem was old hdmi cables. I upgraded to a higher capacity set and the issue went away entirely.


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I have the same tv and receiver and I have to run an optical cable to get sound. So you're saying it's the HDMI cable I'm using? If so then l will definitely get a new one


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Hi everybody, I have a similar problem and need some help.
I also have a Samsung UE49KS8000 and a ONKYO TX-NR656 audio Amp. These work perfectly together with all connections to the TV, using the Onkyo just as an audio amp. The Onkyo responds to the TV remote control volume, and switches on/off with the TV.
I have now upgraded the TV to a Samsung UE49MU8000, a direct replacement for the first TV, but the Onkyo will not connect to the TV, when connected, the TV says unrecognised device, Installing manually as a Audio device works and is recognised by the TV, it even switches the audio amp on/off during the installation test. BUT ..when completed the audio amp will not respond to the TV remote control, and there is no sound from the Onkyo Amp. Samsung help line chat were unable to fix the problem, does any knowledgeable person have a fix for me. I am not convinced that the TV is faulty, it is more of a combatibility problem. Loathe to return the TV if it not faulty !
Best regards, Martin.

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