Samsung ks7005 picture jumping/flicker


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Hello everyone,
I really need your help!

First of all I am sorry if I misspell anything.

When I start up my TV there is no problem what so ever but after about 1 to 3 hours of on time the picture starts to freak out.

The picture jumps up and down and starts to flicker,
About 1 cm thick horizontal black line at the bottom edge of the picture and it looks almost as the image doubles.

Had the tv since 2017, then this started almost a year ago.

Samsung will only help me with their out of warranty service and that is almost as expensive as a new TV.

To be clear, I have turned off all energy saving options, and auto motion stuff etc that could make the screen flicker.

In the attached video I have unplugged all extra devices as the receiver and consoles and Nvidia shield.

I have searched the internet for many months but never found a solution.
I really wish one of you can help me out.

Kind regards, Markus

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