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Samsung JS8500 65" / UBD-K8500 Compatibility


Novice Member
Good evening everyone. My name is Colin and I'm a new member here. I have a home theatre setup at my house that consists of a number of different equipment. I'm having a 4K issue I'm hoping I can get some assistance with.

My equipment:

-Samsung 65" JS8500 television
-Samsung UBD-K8500 4K blu ray player
-Denon AVR-X1200W 4K receiver
-Panamax M5400 power conditioner/surge protector/voltage regulator
**All hdmi's - Audioquest Cinnamon**

I don't believe my Samsung 4K blu ray player is providing 4K video to the tv. It doesn't even seem to be as sharp as 1080P. I have a hdmi running directly from the blu ray to the tv and then a seperate hdmi from the blu ray to the Denon receiver (I was hoping the video not going through the Denon could have been the issue). I've tried configuring every setting on the blu ray player and have gotten nowhere unfortunately. I've also changed around some settings on the tv. For instance, I made sure to check to see if hdmi uhd color was enabled for all of the hdmi ports. They were all on "On".

The confusing part about all of this is that my Directv 4K receiver is pushing perfect looking 4K video to the the tv. No issues there at all. Also, I'm using the "Smart Hub"(I believe it was called) feature that's on the tv and watching 4K videos on YouTube. They all look great. So I know the tv can handle the 4K picture nicely.

I called Samsung and they're suggesting that I pick up a new 4K blu ray player and see if that resolves the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be causing all of this ? It's all very frustrating to me.

Thanks in advance,



Staff member
The first thing I would try is to swap the peripheral end of the HDMI cable that's presently in the DirecTV box into the UHDBD player. Change nothing else at all. And see what results. That would confirm (or deny) a problem with the player itself. If the situation improves then it suggests the problem is with the cable, or with a setting applicable to that HDMI input on the TV. And if it doesn't then it suggests you focus your attention within the player.


Novice Member
Thank you very much for your response, LV426. When you say the "peripheral" end of the HDMI that's currently in the DirecTV box, I'm not sure what you mean.

*** Clarification ***

When I put "(I was hoping the video not going through the Denon could have been the issue)" I meant to type that I was hoping that by sending the video straight to the TV from the UHDBD and not through the Denon, that maybe the issue was originally the Denon (I had both the video and audio going to the Denon with 1 hdmi cable before switching to 2 seperate HDMI's for the audio/video).


Novice Member
Does anyone have any thoughts on this ?

Also something to note. My HDMI running from the 4K DirecTV box doesn't go straight to one of the HDMI inputs for the TV. It goes to the Denon receiver and then to the TV (I believe - I need to check). If that is the case, what would I do ? When I had read that I was needing to take the "Peripheral" end of the HDMI from the DirecTV receiver I was assuming that meant the end going from the DirecTV receiver to its destination. Being that it's not going directly to the TV I didn't know if I needed to do something else.

Thank you all very much


Staff member
Peripheral end meaning the end that's plugged into the box, not the other end plugged into TV/Amp/Whatever.

So, turn it on and select your inputs etc., asa you would normally do so you are watching UHD from DirecTV. Check you have UHD coming through.

Now - remove the HDMI plug from DirecTV.
Put the same plug into the socket you are presently trying to use on your UHDBD player and play some UHD material.

Change nothing else. Give it chance to handshake.

What do you get?

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