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Hi all,

Please help, i have been to the WIFI widget it has found my WIFI hub and i thought i was all connected.

The internet is very slow, how do i know if i am connected through WIFI or through my Mobile provider.

There doesnt seem to be anything that shows how i am connected to internet.

My worry is even though my WIFI has been found, if I am going through provider i will be charged..

Is the Internet on the Jet slow through WIFI?


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No the Internet through WiFi isn't slow on the Jet, at least not for me.

You can tell how you are connected by looking at the top of the screen in portrait view. If you are using your providers internet you will be able to tell by a red G, E or 3G+ sign in the top left, if your using WiFi they won't be red and you'll have a signal strength meter thats green near the top middle of the screen.

To make sure you're using WiFi go to Menu > Internet > Settings > Browser profiles and make sure your network is selected and not your network provider.


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Lovely thanks for a quick reply.

Yes i have the green signal icon so thats a relief, but for some reason it takes ages for a web page to open up.

When i click internet it always goes through my operator address for some reason, even though its wifi.

Could my firmware be out of date?

Also widgets, do I have to pay for extra widgets, I was also looking at games i take it i have to pay for them as well?


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If you have your widgets setup to access the net via WiFi then downloading widgets is free, you can also get games for free via WiFi from places like Free ringtones, themes, wallpapers, games for mobile phone - mobile9

If however you are are using your networks data then you will be charged unless you have a data plan.

For widgets to use WiFi tap the screen and now tap the top widget, in the top right click the down arrow and select "Online", then select Settings > Widget profiles and select your WiFi hub.

For the Internet browser goto Menu > Internet > Settings > Browser profiles and make sure your WiFi hub is selected and not your network provider.

If your WiFi is already selected and your connection is slow I don't know what the problem could be.
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