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I bought a samsung 42" LE40B551A6W (XXU) LED tv about 3ish years ago. Two weeks ago it started to flicker and then finally a few days ago it would flicker then go completely black after 30 seconds or so when switched on.
The TV shop down the road are telling me I need a new inverter board and are quoting 300 pounds to get one and fit it.
I was wondering if anyone knew if this was a reasonable cost for part(s) and labour? I have no idea at all about such things and wanted some kind of informed opinion before giving the go-ahead. A google search brings up costs a lot lower than this, as does a search on this forum, but I don't think they include labour costs.

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Have a look on charles hyde web site and what looks to be the inverter board for your TV is £119 so perhaps £181 for fitting is a tad on the high side , perhaps there are other issues with your TV.

If it ends up at £300 repair for a Samsung , personally I would rather put £300 towards a new Pana or Sony with 5 year guarantee !
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Cheers for the fast reply mate. I have a friend who agrees with you, I think i'll put the money towards a new one, perhaps with a longer guarantee this time.

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