Samsung Internet TVs - where to start??

Rob B

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So it's likely I'll be in the market for an TV shuffle soon, getting rid of my 52" LCD and US PS3 to go for something in the region of 40" along with a multiregion BD player.

I want to go with Samsung, mainly because they've never let me down before, but also because we can use our phones as remotes and use Allshare with one. That said, it's gonna have to be an internet TV which ties in nicely because they have Lovefilm built-in. I'd be losing the Lovefilm app on my PS3, not that I use it too often anyway, but it's nice to know it's there if I fancy it.

My problem is that I don't know which sets are internet enabled - nor do I know where the bargains are (I haven't been in the market for a some time now, so I'm out of touch).

I did find this one - I figure that's a starting point. Is it a decent set? Can I use any wireless dongle or must I use a Samsung one?

Oh and one more thing - what's the tech to go for these days? My last few sets have been LCD, but I'm open to anything really.

I hope someone doesn't mind giving me some pointers and maybe pointing me toward some cheap, reliable places! :smashin:

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