Samsung internet dongle


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Hi all
Can some one please help me with getting on the net with my sons new Samsung smart tv, not sure how the thing works, tried connecting to my router but message says no wifi available, any help is much appreciated


What model tv have you got ?
You've got the wifi dongle plugged into the tv ?
The tv recognises the usb dongle ?
The tv lets your seach for wifi and connect ? but it fails ? or ?


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i have a wifi dongle on my samsung, though it isn't the samsung one, its a hama one, but it has significantly less reception than all the other wifi receivers in the same spot; wii and ps3 register three bars minimum from the router, but the tv barely one bar. I have used a booster to give better signal and that has worked nicely. how far is your router from the tv?


ic, so if you have 1 bar it is working, just a bit slow...

I don't use wifi to my tv, media box, ps3, I run wired as its guaranteed bandwidth which is important for gaming and streaming videos. If you can't run a cable (Amazon Basic 15m for £5) I'd suggest you use homeplugs 200mpbs (at least). TP-Link TL-PA211KIT set from Amazon is £35 and uses your homes electrical system as a network. You'll get much better speed! They are a single connection, you could add a switch at one end to server all the devices or you can get multport homeplugs by WD or Solwise but they cost a bit more.
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