Samsung HW-Q950T display issues

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Hi all, it was this forum that had me nab not 1 but 2 Samsung soundbars. I read that Rtings isn't too consistent with their reviewing metric regarding different people having a difference of opinions, they almost put me off buying both the Q70XY and Q950.

2 things I hate about the 950 is the display on top and the cloth rather than robust grill of the 70.
So speaking of displays, Samsung is offering a 60 day money back guarantee which I have already applied for but 1 week later heard nothing back. Before I do decide to return the 950, which I only paid $1,100 AUD for, has anyone managed to make their display viewable with any tweaks or hacks like angle mirrors?

I bought this and am waiting for it to arrive,

I just cannot forgive that the top of the line soundbar has a top display making it an impossible task to check anything so hopefully this cheap fix will sort my woes.
1 thing I did not do was use the app, is this able to do everything I need rather than worry about the display? I have a spare phone lying round than I can dedicate solely as a remote so would not be an issue.
You might be wondering why the drama over a visual interface?, well I was playing some material where I never knew what the volume was at, the previous material was louder in volume at around 60 where as any atmos only needed 30, what resulted was an extreme distortion which made me think this is just not on.
I love the sound, I hate the lack of display.

Does anyone have any similar experiences?, something maybe I am missing?

Also I need a HDMI splitter which I already purchased as my TV only has ARC not eARC, so I need to go into my soundbar 1st then TV, the issue here is that if I want to listen to material on my Shield via headphones plugged into the TV, the soundbar must be on to allow video to pass through.
My Denon 1612 allows video pass through without powering on, 950 seems it does not unless I am again missing something here?
I only have a 1080P plasma atm as I have yet to find a good replacement for it, so the splitter only needs to be 1080P 60HZ but allow for Atmos pass through.

I did buy this

and it arrived today, unfortunately it only outputs 60HZ and not 24HZ, I am not having much luck, I research the hell out of things before buying and I had assumed the splitter was capable of proper pass through.
It allowed Atmos passthrough but the video even when forced 1080P 24HZ on shield, still was 1080P 60HZ on my TV regardless how I had the splitter switched.

I am doing everything possible to keep the 950, just these little things make it a PITA for a daily use.
I cannot fault the sound and have EQed using this forums recommendations, I just need it to be more user friendly if that is possibly.



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