Samsung HW-Q90R - How to Factory Reset


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A really simple question which hours of googling have failed me.

How do I reset my Samsung HW-Q90r soundbar?

Lots of results on other models, but not this one.

Thanks loads in advance.


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With power off, press and hold volume up and down buttons together until int appears.


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doesn't work on mine.


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Just to d/check, are you referring to the buttons on the remote or on the bar itself?
On the bar. I have the q80r. It's the same bar as q90 but without rears. And it works on mine.


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They are definitely different because my Q90r won't reset using that combo either.
Just tried on mine...powered off and held down + and - buttons on soundbar and nothing happened. So powered back on and this time I held the + and - buttons and the soundbar reset so looks like you need the bar powered on while pressing the buttons.


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I meant to come back and write this the other day but it slipped my mind but I also figured this out as well. Yhe soundbar must be on and +&- held together for reset. Didn't fix my issue of the soundbar not turning on automatically anymore but did do the reset as it should.

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