Samsung HW-Q800A or LG sp8ya


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I have an LG C8 55 TV in my bedroom and I was thinking to buy a surround system with 5.1.2 speakers. So, my dilemma was between two models:

Samsung HW-Q800A +swa9500s (rear speakers)

LG sp8ya+SPK8-s (rear speakers)

I will mainly use the soundbar for gaming, TV and Films (amazon prime, netflix, etc.).

Which is the best between this two soundbars?

I read different reviews, but I cannot take a decision. I make on rtings a comparison and I see the following things:

that the latency on the LG is higher than the Samsung (almost twice - The full hdmi is 32 vs 98, optical 38vs61 and arc 31 vs 74). Does it matter? What kind of latency are we speaking for? I will connect the PC to the AV and from the AV to the TV. This means that I will have delays in the signal? Does it mean that I will have worse input lag? What does it mean exactly?

The one thing for sure that I prefer on the Samsung is that the rear speakers do not have a separate receiver in order to connect to the soundbar. I do not know if this is better or not, but save spaces.

The other thing related to space that I prefer on the Samsung is the length of the Bar : 98 Cm vs 106 Cm of the LG. Does it matter related to the sound in any way? It could be stupid as question, but if this one of the LG is longer, I do not know if the speakers are arranged in more distant each other and the sound in this way is better distributed in a surround ecosystem. Or the length is not so important for the sound quality.

Regarding the Sound Enhancement features, the LG has the room correction while the Samsung not. Does it matter? Is it important this feature?

The LG has a lot of more presets (Ai sound pro, standard, music, cinema, clear voice, sports, game, bass blast) than the Samsung (Standard, surround, Gamepro, Adaptive Sound). Are they so important? Looking at the manual of the LG I see that only the two presets Cinema and Bass Blast can output a 2.0 signal to 5.1, all the remaining ones can output the same as the input (plus the subwoofer and the central speaker). I do not know if it converts well the signal from 2.0 to 5.1. it will be a fake, I suppose, but there is this option.

On the other side on the Samsung, if I am looking on their manual and speaking with their support, the input signal cannot be converted from 2.0 to 5.1, no matter which preset I choose.

The LG has hdmi 2.1 (I have an RTX3090 as video card but the tv is only hdmi 2.0b, but in the future i can change it) and it can output to [email protected] while the Samsung is maximum [email protected] Hz with HDR.

Anyway, I can connect the hdmi directly to the tv and use the displayport with an hdmi adapter to connect it to the AV, so eventually I can bypass the problem of the [email protected]

I have google home in my house. Lg supports google home and Alexa, Samsung only Alexa…anyway it is not so a big problem. The most important thing is the sound quality and the possible sound

What is your thoughts? Which bar is better for me and which one in better in general?

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