Samsung hw-n960+Samsung Q90r+Apple tv 4k


I use mye Apple tv 4k to watch netflix, hbo max, and other apps for entertainment. I want to have the best picture and sound as possible, surround 5.1, dolby atmos and 4k picture etc. The Tv (samsung q90r 65") have a one connection box (ocb).

Option 1:
Tv (ocb) arc to arc on soundbar, with the Apple tv connected to hdmi 1 in the tv (ocb).

Option 2:
Tv (ocb) arc to arc on soundbar with the Apple tv connected to hdmi 1 in the soundbar

What is the best option? Is one of the solutions better then the other? It seams to me that the surround and atmos disappears when I connect using option 1.


Unless you are in the world of HDMI 2.1 supported video features (which it seems you are not), option 2 every day.


Apple TV to the TV means audio goes to the TV and is passed through to the audio return channel on the TV and out to the soundbar.

Apple TV to the soundbar input gets the audio straight where you want it. Video passes through the soundbar and out to the HDMI in of the TVin either case sound from the TV apps or channels heads straight out the ARC to the soundbar.

Option 1 is only worth it if there are video features only the TV HDMI inputs can handle - only HDMI 2.1 can handle 4K/120Hz, VRR and ALLM. With Apple TV those things aren’t outputted anyway and chances are passing the audio through the TV will cause issues way more than passing video through the soundbar.

Audio directly to an HDMI input on the soundbar every time unless you game and absolutely want those latest video features. Then plug the gaming device into the TV.

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