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I got the K950 a few days ago and it's driving me nuts. I've read all over and I can't figure out if it's set-up correctly.

I use it primarily on an Xbox One S to play 4K Blu-Rays which sound decent but not amazing. The blue Atmos light is always on but when I go into the Xbox Blu-Ray app's info it shows TrueHD at the top, not Atmos? I've tried everything I've read online and it's always TrueHD. The Last Jedi sounded like garbage, Mad Max was much better but still not incredible. For instance on TLJ I had the volume at 70 and it still wasn't all that loud.

For reference I'm using all included HDMI cables, with the ARC HDMI from the Soundbar to my TV's HDMI 4 ARC (it's a Samsung KS8000). The Xbox is connected into the K950's HDMI 1. On my TV I try changing HDMI audio from Bitstream to PCM but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. All the settings are correct on the Xbox afaik, used the Dolby Access app, set as Dolby Atmos with the checkbox to allow the receiver decode the audio.

The Dolby Access app's demo videos and Xbox games sound absolutely incredible and are blaring at even the sound at 8 so I really feel like the Blu-Ray app just isn't working with true Atmos but attempting to 'fake' it instead, for some reason it isn't making the switch to true Atmos.

Any help is greatly appreciating, thanks in advance!


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At the moment Disney’s Atmos is appalling. They are authored in very low volume and you have to crank them all up way beyond normal listening volume. Don’t ask me why, lol but Coco, Thor Ragnorak and Black Panther are all the same. I’ve not got an X box but I think you have to download an Atmos app or something to the x box to get it working properly. Hopefully someone with one can let you know. Try a “proper” sounding Atmos track like Wonder Woman and you’ll hear a massive difference between this and Disney Atmos tracks.

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