Samsung HW-F450 Soundbar + PS3/Wii + WD LiveHub. Best set up?

Brick Hardstone

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Hi everyone,

I'm really new at this, and I want to know what the best set up would be for this arrangement. Links go to photos of my existing set up:
I want to be able to have all of these devices output sound through the HW-F450 Soundbar, but I'm not sure what the best set up is. It looks like I'll need to buy an Optical Cable/Audio cable, but I'm really not sure about the proper set up.

Note- I don't have a TV receiver.
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Hi, I will do that:

- PS3 via HDMI to soundbar and then another HDMI to tv (is the best option for DTS/Dolby audio)
- Wii and LiveHub to TV directly, and then an optical cable from tv out to soundbar.

Good luck.

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