Samsung HW-E450 no sound on TV via HDMI


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I have just brought a hw-e450 for my LG 37LF2510 tv and LG BD670 blu-ray player, the sound is crisp and powerful, but I cannot get any sound on tv. Sound bar does work and you can hear the sound from BD/DVD, but if you turn down the volume of the hw-e450 anything sounds on the tv speakers.

LG BD670 --> HDMI IN --> HW-E450 --> HDMI OUT --> LG 37LF2510

Both HDMI cables are 1.4 version, is this a compatibility issue?.

Please help me!



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This won't be a cable issue, as HDMI cables come in standard or high speed. The 1.3a, 1.4 etc. relates to the equipment not the cable.

Have a look in the manual, as it is quite likely that the device is performing exactly as it is supposed to and replace the sound on the TV. If it and your TV support ARC - and you plug into the ARC socket on your TV, you should be able to get sound back from the TV as well.


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Thanks for your answer.

I have just found the solution, on the remote control if you select 'Speaker' you can choose between the speakers of the TV or the speakers of the soundbar.

Unfortunately, you can not hear the sound simultaneously on television and the soundbar.


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Why would you want to here the soundbar and tv sound together ?, it would sound awful.

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