Samsung HW-E450 connected to Samsung UE40ES5500


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Sep 11, 2007
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Forgive me, I've searched high and low for an answer to this question..I hope you can help.

I've recently bought both a Samsung UE40ES5500 TV and also a Samsung HW-E450 sound bar, with the intention of connecting the two.

I believe these can be connected by HDMI, and I've got an old HDMI cable spare. I'm slightly confused by all the terms flying around (ARC/Anynet+), but I've tried all the settings I can find and I cannot get any audio from the TV to the sound bar (when I select Anynet+ on the sound bar the TV mutes, but there's no audio on the sound bar, and when I 'search for Anynet+ devices' on the TV it doesn't find anything).

I have no other input (Sky/Blu Ray) into either the sound bar or TV. Could it be that the TV doesn't support this? Does the HDMI need to go in a special port on the TV, or are they all ARC enabled? Or I need a special type of HDMI cable (is there any way of telling whether mine is inadequate, it is a few years old)?

Thanks if you can help!
There is generally only one HDMI input on a TV that is ARC enabled so you need to look at your manual to find out which one it is (often HDMI 2).
Thanks for this - it appears that you have to cycle through 'speakers' using the speaker setting before this actually works (found by trial and error), but all sorted now :)

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