Samsung HTDM150 or HTDB300??


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anybody recommend any of these!! Is the 300 not the upgrade of the 150

Thanks in advance


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Completely different ranges. The HTDM150 is a old discontinued model and the 300 is a current model. The HTDM550 was the upmarket higher power version of the HTDM150 but it simply didn't sound as good and I because of its greater power fan noise was more of an issue.

Here's some reviews of the 150;[/url]

and the 550;[/url]

Here's one of the current models reviewed;[/url]

I know its not a definite indication of sound quality but look at the size of the speakers with the 300 model and then look at those with the 150. For a start the centre speaker with the 150 is about a foot long, heavy and fully shielded.

The 150 is still available from here;,ELECTR,VISUAL,HOMEC,EA0346,,1660,,,,,&qty=1

Probably best to phone the order in to confirm that it is either the HTDM140 or HTDM150 (same model) if you went for one. As they have a picture of an identical system for £300?!?!

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