Samsung HTDM150 £150

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by bonzobanana, Mar 12, 2004.

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    Skybuy are clearing out some kit and have a few of these excellent systems left;,CLEARANCE,CLEAR-ELE,,EA0441,,1664,,,,,&qty=1

    Here's some reviews;[/url]

    I have this system myself and its fantastic. Its beautifully built and styled, easily hackable for multiregion, has a superb RGB picture with tons of detail and pretty amazing sound. Its also vcd/svcd/mp3 compatible. has a full spec optical input for dd/dts etc as well as two analogue audio inputs. The speakers are quite large and it only plays back ntsc material converted to pal 50hz but other than that its great. The dvd drive built in is good quality and robust.

    It is unique compared to a lot of home cinema systems in that it lacks any sort of tinny/shriekiness at all. It offers a very smooth sound. The speakers being large perhaps need about 10 hours use to run in. Anyway check out the reviews and make your mind up quickly if you want to get one.

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