Samsung HT-X30 problem! Please help!


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Got this model on 30th January 08 and like an idiot did not take the extended warranty! So now, 15 months down the line, it has started playing up! It powers up no problem then as the fan starts it's really really noisy, to the point where I have to switch it off and on again. Usually it takes about 5 or six attempts at this before it quietens down. As it's now out of warranty I decided to take the lid off and have a look.Aside from the fan being a bit dusty, everything inside the unit is pristine.
I'm lost, can anyone suggest anything before I jump out and buy another system?
All help greatly appreciated! ;)


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Hi BigP,
As you have not got any`s what I would do....

Just because its 15 months old it does not mean that you dont have any rights. You will need to contact the retailer that you purchased it from, explain the problem to them.

You will then probably get one of two responses ;
First and most likely, they will say sorry but its over 12 months old and therefor out of warranty.
This is not correct - EU law says that any electrical item sold within the EU must have a 2 year warranty and regardless of that the UK`s Sale of Goods Act says that as long as the system has not been abused and has been used for the purpose that it was intended then it is reasonable for it to last longer than 15 months ( in some cases upto 6 years is deemed as reasonable ).
And before someone else starts to post about chapter and verse of the SOGA & EU law - I know I have not quoted in detail I am just pointing out the `spirit` of what protection they offer.

I know not everyone is comfortable in having to `fight` for their rights and you may not want to pursue this but it is entirely up to you. You do not have to accept that the unit is a gonner and you are entitled to it being repaired but chances are you will have to push hard to get it.

The second and most less likely option is that the retailer knows all this and offers to try to get the fault fixed.

You may want to look at the Consumer Direct website. this a Goverment funded service that will give you free advice about your rights.

Good Luck in whatever course you take.

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If everything works fine have you thought of replacing the fan?
Part No AH31-00039B Fan Motor
Extra Bit:-

Title Tray not opening
If tray does not open and display lock on front panel, then press and hold the STOP button down on the front panel in stanby mode.
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