Samsung HT-TZ225 and PS3 BluRay Volume


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I have a Samsung HT-TZ225 DVD Surround Sound System. I have a PS3, SKYHD and a Panasonic Plasma TV plugged into a Optical Switch and then to the Surround Sound System. The TV sound works fine through the Surround Sound System and is loud. When watching a BluRay on the PS3 the sound is working but isn't very loud even on Max. It's OK but not what we've been used to when using it in the past. Must admit, it's a while since we used the Surround Sound as we have a young'un and it can be very loud and don't want to wake him at bedtimes.

My question is, is there an option on the PS3 or perhaps on the Samsung that I need to alter to increase BluRay volume from the PS3?

Thank you in advance.
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