Samsung HT THX22 Problem reading disks


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Ive been using samsungs ht thx22 home cinema system for around a year and now its decided it wont play original dvd's any more!!. It has not had any hacks applied so i dont know why it started doing it. The strange thing is is that it will play copied dvd's no problem and work every time:confused: I have put a dvd lens cleaner though it but still no luck. So at the moment anytime i want to watch a original film i have to copy it first.

Any idea what the problem could be.

Thanks Simon.


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laser out of calibration,software/hardware error.
either way,not fixable by you,so it would have to either go back to the retailer,or samsung for repair.


Hello, this has happened to me as well. Tried the disc cleaner to no avail. Funny as well that it happens 5 weeks after my year warranty has run out.!:mad:


same here!!! I should have known as I sent back the first player when it blew up!!!! help anyone :confused:


I e-mailed Samsung reply below:

With regard to your email concerning your Samsung HTS, can you please
try updating the firmware on the unit via the link below?

Download Center SAMSUNG

I hope this has been of some assistance to you. If you do have any
further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*** I have tried loading this file and it doesn't work. My girlfriend is p!ssed as she can't watch her Sex and the City DvDs now! Get it sorted Samsung***

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