Samsung HT-Q20 shows "Protection" then shuts off



I just bought a new HT-Q20 Home Cinema System and had it professionally installed. It worked while the technician was here, but after using it for a few minutes, a small pop went off on the left front speaker, the machine showed the word "Protection", then shut down. Now every time I try to restart it, it does the same thing as soon as any sound comes out of it.

Troubleshoot says this might be because the fan is not working, but I already checked that it is. Does anybody know how I can get rid of this problem or is it a faulty machine?


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have you checked the speaker connection,to make sure its properly connected.?
also,is it connected through a surge protector?
if not,it should be.
might be a faulty connection,power surge thats lead to failure,or the installer never did his job right..either way,id be right back onto them,and get him back to fix it./replace it.


Thanks for your reply fox,

I tried unplugging all the speakers and although there was no pop (obviously) the same thing still happened. And yeah its hooked to a surge protector, so I'm still lost. =P

I called the help service already and they'll come help sort this out. Your help is appreciated!

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