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I really hope it is obvious as to what im doing wrong here!
I need help in connecting both my Sky Box and PS3 to the HT-D6750 at the same time without having to constantly change wires each use. Ive always thought that for sound i should use optical cable and for video i should use the hdmi.

So i have connected both the Sky box and PS3 directly to my TV. Connected the TV to the D6750 output. Then as there is only one connection for igital optical cable i have connected the Sky box and the PS3 to a Optical splitter which then connects via optical directly to the D6750. I have turned HDMI audio off on the D6750. the video works fine for both PS3 and Sky. However the optical works when i directly plug the optical cable from Sky to D6750 but NOT through splitter. PS3 seems to work both. this splitter worked just fine on my previous home cinema system.

What am i missing? Could it be a case of the D6750 not being compatible with the oldish splitter as i dont want to buy a new one for the sake of it!

Is there a better setup method?

If i was to connect the Sky and PS3 into the HDMI inputs of the D6750 would it be as good as optical?
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A splitter's no good - a splitter splits one signal into two. You don't want to split either the Sky optical output, or the PS3 optical output, to two seperate destinations. You want to have two inputs, and choose which of those two is output to a single destination. That requires a switch, not a splitter.


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A Purely optical splitter will work as a combiner, provided only one source is live at a time. The losses will be huge and as you are finding, is not a reliable or reccomended practice.

Why do you not use the audio through the HDMI ? There is no difference quality wise.


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Why do you not use the audio through the HDMI ? There is no difference quality wise.
Quite a big difference from the Sky box - as Sky only outputs PCM stereo via HDMI, whilst it can output Dolby Digital 5.1 when available via optical.

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