Samsung HT BD1255w Audio Problems


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Jun 25, 2010
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Hi AVForums,

I have a fairly straight forward setup with a samsung ht bd1255w all in one HT system playing through a samsung LCD. They are connected through HDMI cable for video and an optical cable for audio. The firmware is up to date on version 2.31.

My problem is an audio issue. Blu-Rays and DVD's all play wonderfully in surround sound (or stereo if that is all they are coded for). However when viewing files though FTA (i.e. terrestrial) television or from the USB stick (generally AVI files) the sound will only come through the front right speaker and the centre speaker not the front left speaker. This applies when viewing in stereo and movie mode. Even when in matrix mode the front left speaker will not emit any sound.

I have used the test tone function and all speakers make noise at appropriate time. MKV's and blu rays work with all speakers. I have checked the wiring (it is all in correctly) and checked that the centre speaker and front left speaker haven't switched jacks.

I don't know what to do, does anyone have any ideas? This issue is extremely annoying as I am fed up of having no sound coming from my left.
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