Samsung HPT-5054 Probelm I Need Help With

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    I am currently having a problem with flicker, Well I'm calling it flicker because that is what it looks like to me it happens through all video sources and what happens is ill be watching a movie or playing a video game and the flicker will happen on different areas most noticeable in interview type of scenes and skin and such will get dark and bright in areas looking like flicker. I contacted samsung and had them here repairing the tv 3 times now each time after they attempted to fix it by replacing the logic board the flicker still happened, my warranty ended and i no longer can get there help, now when i contacted them today they said it could be because of the sources plugged into the tv, so i tried all the the sources i have on my current tv on my other tv and it does not happen, someone told me it could be because there isn't enough power going to the tv or too much power going to the tv and i should buy this, Monster Cable 121507 Monster Power Center For it if i buy this will it fix the flicker issue? if not can someone guide me to something that will? also has anyone else had the issue? this is what the issue looks like i found someone having a similar problem on youtube

    YouTube - Panasonic Plasma TV flickering problem - Test 1 with a Wii.

    anyone that helps it is greatly appreaciated.

    EDIT: more videos of same problem im having
    YouTube - panasonic 42pz80U Brightness Flicker
    YouTube - Panasonic Plasma TV flickering problem - Test 2 with a Siemens M740AV external DTV
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