Samsung HLP5063 Shows Black Bars

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by lynnkcircle, Dec 16, 2004.

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    OK, foolish or not, I just got a Samsung HLP5063 DLP TV and a Samsung HD841 DVD player to match it.

    Quality is beautiful -- Connecting the two through their DVI ports at the 1080i setting, I can see the individual strands of hair on people seen about life-sized. Even the plain-vanilla results I get through an antenna are excellent. though nothing approaching the resolution of the DVI connector.

    But I have a nagging question. The DVD player is set to Wide Screen. The TV is also set to Wide Screen. Samsung says that "Wide Screen" means 16:9 format. So why are there still top and bottom black bars when viewing either a wide format DVD or receiving a program being broadcast in widescreen?

    Even more confusing, why do full screen DVDs and broadcast programs completely fill the screen?

    I had expected wide screen formatted DVDs and broadcasts to completely fill the screen, and the old "full screen" 4:3 format to show black bars on each side.

    This is a wide screen TV. So why do I get the same black-bar results as I did on my old regular 25" television?

    Thanks, all. Happy holidays!

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