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My brother has decided to purchase a new samsung LCD

His budget would cover anyone of those,but what are the main differences?

What one would you reccommend?

LE32M51B -£1,200

mister meaner

first things first, screen size. Should be relative to viewing distance and not wallet size. I would guess that the 5inch difference between the 32's and the 37 would be significant under some circumstances, so tell him to figure that out first.

Assuming he has done this already, in a big room the 37inch would probably be king as it would be more comfortable to watch and more impressive with movies and HD content when it arrives. In a small room the 32 inch M51 is the latest tech and promises great things, so go for that one.


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Thanks mister meaner,

My brother said he would idealy like the 37 inch version (LE37R41B)

But what concerns me is only 2 online shops are selling them,have the 37 inch ones been discontinued?

Im guessing the 37 inch would be exact to the LE32R41B

Whats all this about response time the new LE32M51B has 8 seconds where as the 41B has a 12(i think,correct me if im wrong)

Is this response time going to make a huge difference,he mainly wants the tv for DVDS and xbox 360


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To be honest, I didn't even know a 37" version existed :eek:

I always thought/assumed that the next one up from the 32" was the 40"!!

I sit approx 10-15ft away from my LE32R41BD and it's the perfect size. If I had got the 37", it would've been easier to see the noise/artificats on a SD broadcast, so viewing distance IS more important than people realise.

The lower response time just means less chance of streaking and smearing with fast moving images although I'm not sure a drop from 12ms to 8ms is going to make a noticeable difference. Your best bet would be to try and view them in person.

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