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Samsung hdmi inputs; why do i have to go find them??


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Hi there
First time at this so hoping i get it right! So here's the thing...
I recently bought a Samsung LE40A656A1F tv, Humax Foxsat pvr (hdmi 1), and a Samsung blueray player (hdmi 2). Fantastic kit, but i do have a small problem with the hdmi inputs. I assumed that when i turn the hdmi device on after the tv, the tv would automatically 'see' the device, but this doesn't happen. I can find and view the input if i scroll through the tv sources but i don't really want to have to do this. I have been in contact with Samsung tech support on this issue, and though they agree that it should happen, they don't seem to know how to make it happen! I am using monster cables so quality isn't an issue. Any thoughts please?
Thanks, John


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To get HDMI to autoswitch you must find and set up the " Anynet" feature , this is what samsung call their programming of the CEC line on the HDMI interface. ( For Panasonic its Vieralink ...and so on ).

If your Samsung bluray and TV have the Anynet feature then its simply a question of finding out how to set it up in the manual. If they dont have this feature then your out of luck.

The CEC feature of the HDMI interface must be programmed , and without the Anynet feature there will be no programming codes to send down the line.

The CEC features of different manufacturers are not guaranteed to work with each other , but they might so its worth a shot.

You could always buy a Harmony remote , this will autoswitch everything for you using the " Activities " feature , there are other Universal remotes that will do this as well.
The added bonus with this solution is you reduce remote control clutter and save on batteries.

Also there is no grades of quality with HDMI cables in the same way there is with analog cables , you could have gotten any HDMI cable and they all give exactly the same result. You could have saved some money there.


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Andy i too have the le40a656a1f

Youve caught my attention with the harmony remotes. Dont get me wrong i love the television but unless there is an easier way of doing it and ive over looked it, changing the televisions source is very tedius

Press the buttom - > HDMI1
press it again ->HDMI2
Press it again ->Hdmi3
Press it again ->Ext1
etc etc etc

It is extremely annoying to have to press the button, wait for the source to load before being able to press the button again to move on to the next step. my sons Daewoo has a pop out menu allowing you to select what source you would want to view before confirming. im surprised Samsung did not adopt this method.

With you mentioning using the Activities button on a harmony remote, could it actually go directly to the correct AV source? .. as i would have thought it would have to go through the sources one by one like you would with the samsung remote control


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With you mentioning using the Activities button on a harmony remote, could it actually go directly to the correct AV source?

Yes it will go directly to source , most of the sources will already be set up on the harmony database , its just a question of downloading the right codes for your TV and away you go.

The setup software will ask you what input or output needs to be active on all your gear for each activity and then its just a question of pressing the button for that activity and leaving the remote pointed at the TV for a few seconds.

In the unlikely event that the sequence of buttons is not already part of the model download , its very simple to add it yourself.


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It's not that much better, but you can switch sources using the menu button on the remote. Click Menu, go to the picture of the phono cable and select a source that way. At least then you don't have to wait for each source using the "source" button. Do it a few times and your fingers will get pretty quick at it ;-)


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Thanks anyway guys. At least i now know i'm not missing anything obvious. The silly thing is when i set my freesat box up on a temporary scart, it immediately popped up when turned on, and returned to my original channel when turned off! However the image isn't of the same quality as the hdmi so i'll just have to put up with much button pressing! Progress? Hmmm...:rolleyes: Missed a trick there Samsung :nono:

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