Samsung HD935??

dr no

Anyone with experience of this cheap DVD player?

So far has received good reviews. I was thinking of using the DVI connection to my Z2 projector. It would be a stop gap until Denon upgrade the 2900 with a DVI link.

Currently I'm using component from an older Sony DV725S.

Would PQ improve considerably using the DVI link on the Samsung with pal prog scan??


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I'd recommend the Yamakawa 365divx instead, does 720p to the Z2 and it looks fantastic. The samsung is more problematic from what I can gather. Yes PQ would improve considerably using a 720p DVI output to the Z2, approaching HTPC PQ which is about as good as it gets to be honest from normal DVD.
If you want the Yamakawa you can get it from www.computeruniverse.de amongst other places...



I also have a Z2 and used to have a 935 and some films via dvi looked amazing, really sharp and very 3d like, mainly ntsc material. For some movies though i did prefer the component connection from my 757 so sold the 935.
I wouldnt mind giving the yamakawa a try and just missed out on uczmeg when his was for sale.


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Check the classified forum....
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