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Oct 13, 2003
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Been looking for a while this morning and for the last hour and cant find it for sale anywhere online?

Any ideas folks, or does any store in Ireland have it for sale
Ref - samsung hd 935
I came across it the other day for £135.99 + del !
I will let u know of the web site a.s.a.p !!
Nice one ; )
Right then try- www.
p.s. I have not used them before- so cant comment on there services ! good luck DELUCAS
Apparently they're crap, seem some reviews of them...very good website, very poor service...out of stock etc.etc.
Apparently they're crap, seem some reviews of them...very good website, very poor service...out of stock etc.etc.

The player or the dealer?
The dealer by all accounts. The player got a nice review in HCC
You'll get excellent service from:

However you will pay more for the 935 there. However they were brilliant with after sales collecting the problem units I had.

I will have a new DVI equipped Yamakawa 365Divix for sale in the next week...

The Yamakawa 365DivX player is good. Firmware support for it is great as well.
Of the cheap players I think the Yamakawa 365 is the best.

It has the picture quality, flexibility and firmware support of the V880s, but has a better build quality. The downside is it is difficult to get in the UK.

The 935 produces a lovely picture, however it is not without flaws...

There is no firmware support that is apparent, so you are stuck with 60hz output for PAL through DVI. When you really need 50hz for smooth pans.

The 2 I had, had issues, like they wouldn't always open the drive tray, or would restart the DVD at random. Once they actually started a movie then they tended to work perfectly until the next time it was switched on.

It has bloody annoying really bright blue lights on it, even when it is switched off!

The 935 is however cheap and available in the UK and a good compromise seeing as at the moment the other available DVI playes available in the UK cost LOTS more.

Thanks David. They were very quick to reply to my emails, far so good.

I might well be interested in the Yamakawa.

Can you pm me when you have placed it in classifieds.


Cool. David, what are you connecting it into? I presume you'll use DVI???
Hi Vicbarry, Yes indeed, I have a Hitachi 500E and will be using this player straight into the DVI input, at present I have an old Sony 725 which quite honestly has absolutely fantastic PQ through component input to the Plasma, I just hope its not £140 wasted and I can see the difference using the DVI input from this Samsung Player, might be expecting a lot comparing a £140 machine with a machine that cost nearly £600 new a few years ago???

Best regards David
The player arrived this afternoon at 16:35

Not bad considering I ordered it from Panther Sunday afternoon, all I can say is my experience is very good with them.

Am just about to set it up now.

Best regards David
Interesting. Maybe some dodgy reviews so......very interesting. Hope your happy with the player Dave. Let us know what its like when you get the chance....
Ouch! cut my eye on the piccy.............LOL

Yes it is better, very much sharper and more detailed then Component, the colours are excellent needing no adjustment I am extremely happy that I certainly did not waste that £140

Will be digging through the manual tonight..........

Best regards David
Cool David. Thanks for replying. How much better is the PQ than component, are we talking like 50% better??

Enjoy the manual....; )
Hard to quantify in percentage the improvement, I can just say thats it is very noticable, even the family said WOW! thats clear, so I guess that says it all?

The manual isnt exactly "War & Peace" but it has the required info and it is clear.

There are some caveats with this machine I think, for example when sitting very close to the screen some digital artifacts (in solid dark tones some pixelation) can be seen that can not when played back on the Sony 725, although I feel it might be just because with the DVI input it is so clear that you can see them, but when using the Component input it sort of smudges them together, this isnt a problem though, as from normal viewing distance they are invisible, I am talking two feet away max when I say close!!!

in total I am delighted with the purchase and feel I am getting the best from the screen now.

Now can anyone direct me to the hack for this machine please?

best regards David
Here you go:

Samsung 935 MR hack:

1. Turn on the player.
2. Press PLAY and STOP on the player. Keep the two buttons pressed until the language selection is displayed, then release them.
3. Select language.
4. Press REPEAT.
5. Enter 57538. The region code will be displayed.
6. Press 9.
7. Press OPEN.
8. Press STANDBY.

If that doesn't work, repeat the process but in step 5 press 38767

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