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    Hi Guys,

    First time here so if posted in wrong section apologies. This could be cable, DVD player or Projector related.

    I am trying to connect an HD935 to a Tosh MT5 projector via DVI. I am using the DVI cable supplied by Samsung with the player and a Lindy DVI to M1DA (EVC or P&D) adaptor to attach to the Tosh.

    I can get a picture at all three resolutions with prog scan on or off that is the right size etc. Also the proj says that it recognizes the format and frequency of the signal correctly. However I am getting bad colour disturbances on films and thin vertical lines. Some of the picture is perfect, the rest has these colour distortions. I haven't seen any reference to this type of disturbance in any other threads.

    The Tosh says it will support both 720p and 1080i for HDTV.

    Has anyone seen this type of disturbance? Could it be the cable? Or is something more relating to the Samsung and Toshiba not talking quite the same language?

    Any help much appreciated.

    I have tried changing the DVI mode on the HD935 - no effect.
    S video and composite work fine. Have no component leads so cannot test.

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