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I have a new HD935 connected to an LG MW30LZ10 30" LCD monitor by both component and DVI. I can get the 480p and 568p modes to work over both connection methods - picture looks better over component. The monitor gives "out of range" when i switch the HD935 to 720p or 1080i modes with the monitor switched to the DVI input. The monitor claims to be 720p and 1080i compatible but does list specific horizontal and vertical frequency ranges it will accept based on certain resolutions e.g. 1280x1024.. The monitor claims to be WXGA (1280x768) although this is not a resolution listed in the display spec. table?? I have determined through use of my computer monitor (Samsung 170T) which has DVI-in that 720p is H:45KHz V:60Hz and 1080i is H:33.8KHz V:60Hz but it does not show the resolution. Anybody know what the resolutions are in these modes as this may be the problem?? btw the 170T PC monitor will only display output with the DVD player set to 720p or 1080i but only shows left part of image (it's a 4:3 PC monitor). Sorry for the long post - wanted folk to have all the info.



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I reckon your problem is because the LG screen is not true 16:9. The HD935 will be outputtig a 1280x720 (720p) image but as you state the screen is 1280x768 (15:9) so therefore not compatible.

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