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Samsung HD870 - HDMI Display problems


Standard Member
Hi all; Happy New Year!!
I picked up one of these last week; and even before the region hack was applied I had display issues - these remain the same after success region free hack was applied.

HDMI to DVI cable is connected to my Dell 26" TV (DVI is HDCP compliant) and display with a major pink tinge (so the red of RGB is clearly on full).

I thought it may be the player as I have use the HDMI to DVI cable before from a laptop that had HDMI out and it worked perfectly.

When connecting to my projector or 17" computer monitor I get a blank light blue screen - absolutly nothing displays at all.
I thought it may be the cable - bought a new one - same issue....

Via composite all is well, though.
I've tried all different HDMI settings - no change...

Rather odd - anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks :)


Standard Member
still not found a fix... :(should a hdmi player be able to play via hdmi to dvi cable on a normal PC monitor?
If yes, then perhap sI have a duff player....?


Established Member
It is highly unlikely that the players hdmi socket is faulty so the problem is probably your monitor or cable-can you try your cable on another monitor to rule this out?


Standard Member
I've only tried a projector and a monitor aside from the TV (Which is HDCP compliant). I suspect perhaps the monitor and projector are not compliant - hence the light blue screen, but that doesnt explain the pink tint on the TV. I have bought another cable - exact same problem. Guess I'll need to test it on another TV either via DVI or HDMI and see if that work - that will completely rule out the player. I agree, it's unlikely to be the player though....

thanks both for your replies :)


Standard Member
is there a HDCP removal hack out there for this unit please?
Many thanks :)

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