Samsung HD850 power problem


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We had a power cut the other day, and since then the standby LED on the HD850 just flashes and nothing else happens, regardless of which buttons are pressed. I've tried leaving it unplugged from the mains for a while, but as soon as it's plugged back in the same thing happens. I've checked the internal fuse, and that's OK - any ideas, or is it time to get something else?



If I where you I'd just get something else, I've panasonic s52 thats not bad and you can download firmware and region free hack it. :smashin:


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Power surges can precede or follow a power cut. This has possibly caused some damage to the mains input circuitry. If you are still happy with the player why not give it to a local repair shop for an estimate for repair? On the other hand DVD players are cheap nowadays so it really comes down to what you want to do.


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Thanks for that - think I'll just replace it. The current version (HD870) is under £60 from Amazon.

I would recommend buying a surge protector. I have two of the heavy duty 7-Gang Belkin SurgeMaster Gold Series, and all my computer and A/V equipment is plugged into them. Had them almost two years now, and no problems. I would never go back to plugging stuff straight into the mains.

The Belkin ones are the best, and are available from a few pounds upwards. :thumbsup:

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