Samsung HD850 or Tosh SD350E


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Ok so I have around £150 left and it's down to these two players.

I'm hoping to connect through HDMI (component reserved for xbox 360) and was wondering what the pros and cons for each machine were :confused: .


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I use the samsung 850 with my Z3 projector. The picture through HDMI (set at 720p) is fantastic.

The sammy has 2 very annoying niggles though. If you play multi-region discs be aware that although this player can be multi-regioned you still need to manually configure for NTSC (region 1) or PAL (region 2) in the sammys menu otherwise you end up with jerk-orama playback if set incorrectly.

Also, I get an "HDMI audio not supported" message through my projector. I can disable this by switching off onscreen messages on the sammy but have to do this each time I switch the player on :(

The sammy has played all region discs (including RCE) which I've tried and also plays -R discs both recorded on my PC and my Pioneer DVD Recorder. It also doesn't seem fussy with slightly scratched or kid dribbled on :nono: discs.

In summary, I've found the playback on the sammy 850 is sublime and worth the niggles :thumbsup: .

I haven't tried the Toshiba 350 so can't directly compare the 2.

The samsung 950 would also be within your budget.

These budget players have taken a bit of stick on the forums but I have found the HDMI playback superb.

Good luck with your choice :)

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