Samsung HD-860 problem with HDMI resolution


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Yesterday I hooked up my new Samsung HD860 via HDMI to my Samsung LE40M61 hoping to see some nice upscaled picture. For whatever reason I'm having quite a bit of problems with this setup now.

Via the DVD's setup menu, I've set the HDMI to manual, 720p, 4:2:2 colors. Everytime I turn off and restart the player, the resolution goes back to 576p. Am I missing some setting or why does it do that? Is the 4:2:2 the best option for colors or?

Via the HDMI Select button I can change the resolution during playback, but the picture just doesn't look "that great". Colors seem a little dull and picture seems lifeless. Not sure if this is the DVD player or just my TV settings.

The sound is connected trough coax into my 5.1 system and works great, but I still get the "HDMI Audio Not Support" message on my screen (doesn't really bother me tough). Is the only option here to disable to onscreen messages as I definetly don't wont to turn to PCM sound? It's quite funny that Samsung hasn't been able to design their own DVD player to work together with their TV nicely.

EDIT: Another wierd thing is that previously I had another DVD player hooked up via scart and if I had the TV on when the DVD player was turned on, the TV would automatically switch to the DVD channel. This doesn't happen with the HDMI connected HD860. Would this only work with the scart connection?


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The 860 is basically the same player as the 850 which I have, if you do a search you will find loads of posts about it.
The samsung is not known for having a great picture and most people can not see any difference between 576p and 720p.
I used to have the same problems with the 850 not remebering settings and also had the HDMI AUDIO NOT SUPPORTED message until I upgraded the firmware to a region 5 950 firmware and it is now a lot better plus I can alter the sharpness as well.
4:2:2 is the best colour setting by the way.
I don't know if the firmware would work for the 860 though.
Personally if you have only just bought it I would see if you can send it back and get the sony ns76h as it's meant to be a much better player and it's about the same price.


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Just to update this old thread. I contacted Samsung about my problems and the response was ... dissappointing:

Regarding the automatic selection of DVD channel, when the DVD players is turned: Only works with ext connectors on my TV. Doesn't work with HDMI connection.

About the resolution I was told it's the normal behaviour of the DVD player (?). Then the support guy continued to tell me that I would be better of the keep the player in 576p and have the TV scale the picture. Why on earth did I buy this UPSCALING DVD player to begin with, if Samsung then tells me it doesn't even work as expected.

Last time buying Samsung media players. TV is great, but this player just sucks.


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if you select 720p then go back to auto selection it keeps the setting, i had same thing on mine, btw there is a difference between 576 and 720p to my eyes , using a 32wlt66 toshiba


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Hi had same problem.
Its your telly:oops:
Just put your telly onto HDMI first or your DVD player defaults down to a playable res.

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