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    I ordered a samsung hd 745 from pixmania. BIG MISTAKE!

    Their after sales and policies are absolutely terrible.

    On arrival the dvd player was quite badly damaged, there were dents and bad scratches all over the fascia. When contacting their customer service i was told that it would take approx 3 weeks for them to process a refund or send a replacement (even though they have over 10 in stock) Apparently the dvd player needs to be sent to france where a member of staff will confirm that it is infact damaged and process a refund/send a replacement! which means, by the time i have actually received the replacement, 4 weeks will have passed (5 from initial order) Aside from that their customer service agents are rude and condescending (when you actually get through to them)

    I have now ordered the same player from digiuk while i wait for my refund. At this point they still haven't arranged collection though, i guess im in for a long wait!
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    This is of course the risk of using any internet/delivery based company.

    It's very probably it left Pixmania in perfect condition, but was damaged in transit.

    Luckily mine arrived swiftly and unblemished, and they actually packed the original box inside a substantial outer box with protactive ballast to make it a tight fit. All wrapped in a heat sealed black plastic outer lining.

    But it's always a bit of a lottery. That's why, if somewhere like Richer had it in stock, I'd buy it there every time even if it was a bit more expensive.

    Hope your refund comes quickly...PJ

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