Samsung H40E HDD recorder



my mates selling his samsung H40E recorder.
i've got it on trial at the moment. nice solid machine works well but the only problem is the picture quality is a little bit dark, it could do with brightening up a bit.

on playback whether its a pre-recorded DVD or a recording straight from the hard drive the picture is a little subdued.

i've gone through the menu but nowhere can you alter the brightness (Is it possible). the machine is connected via. scart to a jvc 28" at the moment.

Can you help


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:blush: A slightly editted message after reading the title properly and seeing that you are not refering to the R30 but the H40 HDD recorder instead - which rather negates the answer I gave!

Nevertheless check the basics - change the Scart lead, check you use the RGB out Scart etc (and your TV is properly setup). The problem is probably based with the Scart lead your using or your TV settings. Try changing the Scart lead first anyway. If you post your setup details precisely, i.e. to what and how you have the kit connected I should be able to help further.


cheers Rasczak

I've already tried various scart leads from cheapos to more expensive ones, tried various t.v.s disconnecting everything so using t.v basically as a monitor, no difference.

I've already got a Phillips DVDR 75 playing with the same set up and you cannot fault the P.Q Play a pre recorded DVD and you see the difference straight away between the two machines, the Samsung is much duller.

I'm beginning to wonder if its a characteristic of this machine, if I have no joy, I'll pass it back to the mate and let him get the engineer out to it.

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