Samsung Global Dimming Game Mode Fix


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So, any luck, Alek?
Unfortunately, no. Been pretty busy, but I did try hooking up an IR LED to a spare Raspberry Pi and that turned out way more complicated than just driving an ordinary LED. And I'm no programmer, so I'm giving that up. When I get free time in the next week or two, I'll write to Samsung or ring them up and see if I can put some pressure on them. Not expecting much from that, though.

Only thing left, besides hoping some Samsung technician feels sorry for us and gives us the code or leaks the service manual, would be going through all the permutations by hand … which isn't exactly enticing, particularly if there's a chance it's not even unlocked the same way. I guess if there were a lot of us, we could break up the list and it might be feasible.

Or maybe someone else would have better luck buying the service manual off of Samsung Parts or somewhere. They told me Samsung couldn't provide it, but it's still listed on their website. I'm just guessing that the code would be in there anyway, no idea how people figured out the codes for the earlier models.


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Hi there I stumbled on to this thread a while back and I used it to help adjust my television. Recently I’ve been having issues with my 3d content on my hu8700 and I tried using the service menu to adjust
I’m not sure what the default setting where but now when I turn on my unit everything is completely dark. Does anyone have the factory settings for these menus


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What does each one of the PWM mean? And do
I have mine set as follows
pw max 100
pwm ini 2d 100
pwm movie ini 100
pwm mid 5
pwm min 0

Only issue I have on my tv is light blues on commercials or shows (graphics) appear almost neon like. Real bright


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Haven't had time to really test it, but I changed PWM Mid from 5 to 30 and didn't notice any dimming playing Sekiro for over an hour on HDR Game mode. I figure it depends on your settings, and probably best to get the value as close to default as you can while eliminating any noticeable dimming. When I've got time, I'll play around with the value and test it on something more obvious like The Last of Us II or FIFA.


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What’s everyone setting there pwm at?
My settings (Q60T 43" I use it for tv series and sports):

PWM Max: 100 (same es default)
PWM_INI_2D: 100 (15 is the default)
PWM_MOVIE_INI: 100 (30 is the default)
PWM Mid: 20 (8 is the default)
PWM Min: 10 (0 is the default on my tv, if you keep this at 0 the screen will turn off when is entirely black, I hate that so 10 will keep the tv always on)

With this settings my tv looks really nice, almost like a good tv lol. This tv without calibration and with the default advanced settings is really bad. But still... really poor blacks on some scenes, with and without dimming...
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I have a RU7100, what causes the light blues to be very bright over exposed, this is only graphics
Setting is on dynamic


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I created an account just to thank you guys for figuring out this and posting a solution. It was driving me nuts. I got a Samsung UN58RU7100 and it was changing brightness between light/dark scenes and when the menu came on. I followed the directions from this thread.
  1. Turn off tv with remote power button
  2. Pressed in order: Mute, 1, 8, 2, power
  3. Waited for the service menu to boot up
  4. Went to SVC -> Other setting -> CAL Data restore
  5. Cleared an error message about the USB drive (might be a good idea to remove any USB devices before doing the previous step)
  6. Back until I saw the Advanced menu and selected
  7. Pressed 0000
  8. Went to Picture_2D -> Subsetting
  9. Changed PWM_INI_2D from 15 to 100
  10. Changed PWM_MOVIE_INI from 30 to 100
  11. Pressed power on the remote
Now all the dimming is disabled!!!! I had to go through and change all the settings like disabling motion, high contrast, etc, but that was easy enough. I can't thank you all enough. I have no idea how you figure this stuff out, but I hope you realize you've helped make the community a better place :)



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You posted your settings in the other thread, not this one.

Step by step guide below:
  1. With TV powered off to standby
  2. Press info, settings, mute and then power.
  3. The TV should power on and then be in the service menu.
  4. Select SVC
  5. Select Other Setting
  6. Select Cal Data Restore, a USB error will appear
  7. Select OK
  8. Press return until your are back at main service menu
  9. Highlight advanced and press 0000; which will reveal extra options.
  10. Select Picture_2D
  11. Select SubSetting
  12. Change PWM_INI_2D from 15 to 100
  13. Change PWM_MOVIE_INI from 30 to 100
  14. Press Standby
Make sure you do only those things in order to not screw up the TV.

The PWM_Min setting does cap out at 100 though, you can't go above that, I've just tried. So when the screen goes fully black, the backlight will max on the black screen then go darker again when an image is displayed. But by the 5x rule I think the backlight will only be 'maxing' to 20.

No, IPS is not an LG only tech. It is just a different panel type. It produces better colours off axis but doesn't produce as good black levels. Samsung uses VA panels because they are better for blacks and therefore make better TVs for watching movies, etc.
Hi just wondering if the access to the service menu’s only work on pre 2020 models? I have an Q85 2020 & get as far as the advanced 0000 stage I just can’t get any further.


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Hi just wondering if the access to the service menu’s only work on pre 2020 models? I have an Q85 2020 & get as far as the advanced 0000 stage I just can’t get any further.
As @shoestring25 has said, the code/input on the new TVs will have been changed from 0000. Might be worth asking in the dedicated Q85 owners thread, someone in there might know the new input sequence.

Edit: new input is to hold volume up for 5 seconds.
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Was going thru the service menu and saw a setting to turn on HDR+, turned it on and then in picture settings a new menu setting for it was available. It had HLG in the settings. Turned it on and lot more picture settings appeared. Blacks were very black.


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Still have about 6 months of warranty left, so called samsung to repair my tv, never been happy with picture. Colors like blues yellows and greens alway been oversaturated. They came out today, replaced panel (screen) power board and picture board. Only thing original with tv is the back plastic cover and the speakers. Not sure why they didn't just send new tv. But now picture is awesome, so happy I called


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also when samsung repair guy was here, he held what looked like 2 buttons down on the remote and the service menu opened he didn't press the mute 182 power. also when he was going thru the service menu looked like there was a service menu reset.

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